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Cooling System Service

If your car runs hot, you may need to have your cooling system serviced. The most important and effective way to ensure your vehicle’s cooling system stays in top shape is to make sure the system is clean. Here at Hollister Auto Parts located in Hollister, CA, we can help you clean your vehicle’s cooling system to help it run cool.  We offer a variety of tools needed to fix your car, truck or SUV.

Over time, your vehicle’s radiator can build solid deposits which can result in clogged pipes and lines within the cooling system. A quick radiator flush can solve this problem and keep your cooling system in shape.

Another component within your cooling system is antifreeze. It is important to remember to change your antifreeze seasonally. Our auto parts specialist at Hollister Auto Parts can help you find the antifreeze your vehicle’s system needs.
If a problem with your cooling system extends beyond a simple flush or replacement, our automotive parts store will have what you’re looking for to repair this issue. If you determine that you need to replace or repair the radiator, stop by Hollister Auto Parts so we can help get your vehicle running again.

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